Practical Class 7

Using the hand-outs you will be able to understand weather the written product you expect from your pupils as a result of completing a Web Quest is feasible for the stage of learning.

A1 corresponds to the primary school level, A2 — to the basic school and B1 — to the senior school.

If you create a Web Quest and expect other teachers to use it, it is beneficial to prove that the stage is chosen correctly. To do this create a Teacher Page and quote the CEFR there. Besides do not forget about the age peculiarities of the pupils of different school stages.

E.g. Teacher Page (of the Web Quest suggested as a homework). To prove that the stage is chosen correctly you can start like this:

According to the CEFR descriptors concerning report and essay writing, pupils of the … stage (… level) can…

which proves that the stage was chosen correctly. As for the psychological peculiarities of the age, the … pupils can / are characterised by…


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